Celebrating 90 Years


2016 marked the 90th anniversary of RSM US LLP serving middle market business leaders. In recognition of our clients, employees and friends who have contributed to our firm’s success, we celebrated this significant milestone in our firm’s history throughout 2016 by selecting nine employees from across the firm as winners of our 90-90-9: Pursue Your Passion program, which awarded those employees with $90,000 ($10,000 each) and nine days of PTO (paid time off) to help them pursue their passions. We’re continuing Pursue Your Passion this year. 

Meet our 2017 Pursue Your Passion winners here.  

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Watch Michelle Nolan share her story.

Watch Nicole Knudtson share her story.

Meet Our 2016 '90-90-9 Pursue Your Passion' Winners

  1. Jacqueline Pacquette: Keep a promise to pay it forward by providing a new smile to someone in need.
  2. Michelle Nolan: Provide water to orphans in Africa while also achieving a personal goal to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.
  3. Julie Kaehler: Purchase land for a school and community garden in Haiti while also teaching sustainable farming.
  4. Dee Komaromi: Open a school in Africa dedicated to her late father and father-in-law through Pencils of Promise.
  5. Nyasha Gopo: Become a certified coach to help immigrants assimilate to life in America.
  6. David Campbell: Provide renewable, efficient energy to homes and businesses in sub-Saharan Africa.
  7. Terri Andrews: Provide mammograms and counseling based on personal experience to women facing breast cancer in Jamaica.
  8. Nicole Knudtson: Publish a children's book to help families connect and understand each other better.
  9. Jarin Hansen:  Serve as a healing home to a Chinese orphan undergoing a life-changing surgery.

RSM celebrates 90 years in its original hometown

Last year RSM's past and present came together to celebrate the firm's 90th anniversary and the inaugural Hall of Fame induction. Attendees traveled from across the country to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where the firm originated in 1926.

The evening kicked off with a welcome reception where attendees could reconnect with former and current coworkers and take a walk down memory lane as they scrolled through the new virtual museum kiosks. The party then moved into the ballroom for dinner and the evening program.  

The night was full of emotion and laughter as employees, former managing partners and family members graced the stage to accept their awards. Two consistent messages came across throughout the night: the support the firm provides its people and the pride people have for this firm.

It was an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bring back some of the leading individuals in our firm's history together under one roof. We want to thank our inductees and partners and principals who attended to celebrate this significant milestone in our firm's history.