In The News

December 2017

Boston Business Journal, Business success dependent on CFOs becoming technology evangelists, Bill Kracunas of RSM US LLP, 12/18/2017

NBC News, Key features of the Republicans’ final tax bill, Benjy Sarlin, 12/16/2017

Middle Market Growth, Joseph Brusuelas of RSM on the State of the Market at Year-End, 12/14/2017

CNN Money, News flash! U.S. economy already looks strong, Paul R. La Monica, 12/14/2017

Charlotte Business Journal, Accounting firm taking two floors in move from SouthPark to new uptown office tower, Ashley Fahey, 12/13/2017

The Business Journals, Retail sees strong seasonal hiring, Melissa Wylie, 12/11/2017

Franchise Times, Casual Dining in the Age of Fast Casual, Tom Kaiser, 12/11/2017

The Baltimore Sun, As businesses rush to exploit GOP tax cuts, government revenue may shrink more than expected, Don Lee, 12/10/2017

The New York Times, Job Growth Signals Robust Economy, With Gain of 228,000, Ben Casselman, 12/08/2017

USA TODAY, Jobs: U.S. economy added robust 228,000 jobs in November, Paul Davidson, 12/08/2017

CNBC, The economy’s biggest mystery – paychecks just aren’t growing, Jeff Cox, 12/08/2017

Dayton Daily News, Large accounting firm to move to downtown Dayton, Thomas Gnau, 12/08/2017

Business Management Daily, 4 ways to inject more oversight into flexible work arrangements, 12/07/2017

USA TODAY, Solid job gains expected after hurricane swings, Paul Davidson, 12/06/2017

Benzinga, What Will Janet Yellen’s Legacy Be? Economists Weigh In, Taylor Cox, 12/06/2017

Business Wire, Jungle Disk Acquires SafetyNet Backup for QuickBooks Online, 12/05/2017

NY Post, Ex-Condé Nast cafeteria reopens for new tenants after 5 years, Steve Cuozzo, 12/04/2017

Boston Business Journal, Senate tax bill poised to hit R&D-heavy Massachusetts hard, Greg Ryan, 12/04/2017

Branson Tri Lakes News, Branson hires auditing firm for 76, downtown projects, John Robinson, 12/01/2017

Boston Business Journal, How taxes can impact your company’s plans for growth, Al Cappelloni of RSM US LLP, 12/04/2017

Benzinga, RSM Launches RSM Canada, 12/01/2017


November 2017

Independent Retailer, 2017 Retail Trends from A – Z, Meaghan Brophy, 11/30/2017

Accounting Today, Generational Viewpoints: Diverse takes on diversity, 11/30/2017

Retail Dive, What’s next for the holiday season, Daphne Howland, 11/29/2017:

ABL Advisor, Tax Uncertainty, Short-Term Thinking Keeps the Lid on B2B M&A, 11/29/2017

San Antonio Business Journal, Globalscape's accounting firm walks away amid investigation, Kristen Mosbrucker, 11/27/2017

Forbes, For Small Business Growth, Pick The House Pass-Through Cut, Says Tax Expert, Robb Mandelbaum, 11/22/2017

Accounting Today, RSM US donates over $2M through ‘Birdies Fore Love’, Sean McCabe, 11/21/2017

Illinois Manufacturers Association, Senate Liberalizes Pass-Through Rate Proposal, Don Susswein of RSM US LLP, 11/21/2017

Bob Scott Insights, Dealing with Dynamics Confusion, Bob Scott, 11/17/2017

The Trusted Professional, Technology Already Transforming Audits, But Regulators Must Catch Up, Chris Gaetano, 11/17/2017

Illinois Manufacturers Association, Tax Plan Details Would Mean Major Changes for Middle Market, Joe Brusuelas of RSM US LLP, 11/14/2017

Accounting Today, AICPA announces 2017 ‘Standing Ovation’ recipients, Sean McCabe, 11/14/2017

Bloomberg BNA, Senate Passthrough Approach Seen as Simpler Than Houses’, Laura Davison, 11/14/2017

Boston Business Journal, Here are the top tech manufacturing trends today, Chris Jones of RSM US LLP, 11/13/2017

Benzinga, 'Digital Industrial' Firms Talk Pros And Cons Of Automation, AI At Detroit Summit, Elizabeth Balboa, 11/10/2017

Forbes, Why You Must Take A Strategic Approach To Risk Management, George Bradt, 11/08/2017

Atlanta Business Chronicles, Retail sales on solid path ahead of critical holiday shopping season, Joe Brusuelas of RSM US LLP, 11/08/2017

Bloomberg BNA, Congress Members Call for High Court Review of Digital Tax Case, Ryan Prete, 11/08/2017

Illinois Manufacturers Association, House Ways and Means Committee Unveils Long Awaited Tax Bill, Don Susswein and Rob Alinsky of RSM US LLP, 11/06/2017

American Marketing Association, Washington Inaction Takes a Toll on Middle Market Confidence, Zach Brooke, 11/01/2017

USA Today, 5 reasons job market is stronger than you think, Paul Davidson, 11/03/2017

Orlando Business Journal, Here are all the tenants signed on to $100M Church Street Plaza office tower, Sarah Aslam, 11/03/2017

Advanced Manufacturing, Manufacturing Cools in October But Still in Growth Mode, Bill Koenig, 11/01/2017

Middle Market Growth, Powerhouses in PE: Arsenal’s Painful Lessons, 11/01/2017

Industry Week, ‘Thriving’ Manufacturing Still Looking for a Boost from Washington, Steve Minter, 11/01/2017

Boston Business Journal, 5 critical factors for implementing successful lease accounting, Stacy Dow of RSM US LLP, 11/01/2017

Bloomberg BNA, Partnerships Plan for Tax Audit Regime Without ‘Corrections’, Allyson Versprille, 11/01/2017


October 2017

Accounting Today, Deloitte and Sadler Gibb top SEC client rankings, Daniel Hood, 10/29/2017

Bloomberg, White House Names Treasury's David Kautter as Interim IRS Head, Alexis Leondis, 10/26/2017

Privcap, Powerhouses in PE: Arsenal’s Painful Lessons, 10/27/2017

Benzinga, Blockchain Expert and Retail Industry Thought Leaders Added to Retail Technology Conference Speaker Lineup, 10/26/2017

Unconventional Oil & Gas Center, Why US Energy Is Winning the Race to ‘Breakeven’, 10/25/2017

Northwestern State, Four inducted into Business Hall of Distinction, 10/25/2017

New York City BizList, Consulting Magazine Names the 2017 Women Leaders in Consulting, 10/24/2017

The Middle Market, U.S. middle market declines, 10/23/2017

Illinois Manufacturers’ Association, Plan Ahead Illinois “Invest in Kids Act” Offers Generous Tax Credis, Eric Manus of RSM US LLP, 10/23/2017

Accounting Today, Podcast: Are you ready for rev rec?, 10/23/2017

AICPA, Bruce Webb Honored with AICPA Gold Medal Award of Distinction, 10/22/2017

CNHI News, Custer County sheriff won’t sue over funding, Joy Hampton, 10/21/2017

Privcap, What’s Ahead for Global Real Estate?, Matt Malone, 10/20/2017

CNN Money, This is the biggest mystery in the U.S. economy, Patrick Gillespie, 10/19/2017

The Business Desk, Will Brexit be great for the UK and USA – and what does it mean for Midlands business?, Mark Taylor, 10/19/2017

Orlando Business Journal, Food, fashion and finance: Top picks of OBJ's 2017 Readers' Choice Awards, Anjali Fluker, 10/19/2017

CityBizList, Faye Miller, Partner at RSM US LLP, Honored with Maryland’s 2017 Women to Watch Experienced Leader award by the Maryland Association of CPAs, 10/18/2017

Fairfield Citizen, Professional-services firms forge growth in southwestern Connecticut, Paul Schott, 10/16/2017

Privcap, Report: Real Estate Investment Excellence 2017, 10/09/2017

Boston Business Journal, 5 technology platforms to improve business operations for contractors, Bill Kracunas and Chris Wetmore of RSM US LLP, 10/16/2017

Inside Public Accounting, RSM Names Brajcich, as Pacific Northwest Leader, 10/13/2017

Atlanta Business Chronicle, Can a divided Washington enact sweeping tax reform?, Joyce Reto of RSM US LLP, 10/11/2017

Accounting Today, Bloomberg BNA software will power RSM’s new fixed assets service, Roger Russell, 10/10/2017

Forester Daily News, Who Will Rebuild?, Arturo Santiago, 10/10/2017

Business Insider, Wall Street hasn’t been this unsure about America’s jobs market in a long time, Akin Oyedele, 10/06/2017

The Washington Post, U.S. loses 33,000 jobs after hurricanes, first decline in seven years. But unemployment falls to 4.2 percent, Tracy Jan and Danielle Paquette, 10/06/2017

Privcap, The Big Challenges for Global Real Estate Investors, Matt Malone, 10/06/2017

CPA Practice Advisor, Bloomberg BNA and RSM Partner for Fixed Assets, 10/05/2012017

The Washington Post, Companies can’t find workers to rebuild Harvey and Irma, Danielle Paquette, 10/04/2017


September 2017

Accounting Today, RSM US Foundation gifts $250K to Iowa State University, Sean McCabe, 09/29/2017

Wall Street Journal, Survey Roundup: Euro Firms Lead Way on Corporate Social Responsibility, Ben DiPietro, 09/29/2017

MACPA, Lisa Blackmore, Faye Miller honored as Maryland’s ‘Women to Watch’ for 2017, Bill Sheridan, 09/29/2017

Boston Business Journal, ​RSM US Middle Market Business Index declines: Five things the middle market is telling us about business confidence, Chris MacKenzie of RSM US LLP, 09/28/2017

i4Business, Taxes and Employees Benefits: Five Workforce Tax Considerations for Growing Companies, Lynn Sedwick of RSM US LLP, 09/28/2017

Barron’s, Durable Goods Rise More than Expected; Treasury Yields Jump, Amey Stone, 09/27/2017

Middle Market Growth, Joseph Brusuelas on the RSM US Middle Market Business Index, 09/26/2017

Accounting Today, Big Four, more named to Working Mother’s ‘100 Best Companies’, Sean McCabe, 09/26/2017

The Brunswick News, RSM headliner named, Gordon Jackson, 09/25/2017

Haute Living, The 45th Special Olympics Florida Athletes Awards 2017 Raises $300K, Paige Mastrandrea, 09/25/2017

Privcap, Trends in Global Real Estate Investment, Matt Malone, 09/22/2017

Monitor Daily, Middle Market Businesses Less Optimisitc For First Time Since Election, 09/22/2017

Middle Market Growth, Snapshot of the Fed’s Move to Unwind Assets, Deborah L. Cohen, 09/21/2017

Boston Business Journal, 5 things to consider before completing an international acquisition, Phil DiBuono and Greg Naviloff of RSM US LLP, 09/21/2017

Boston Business Journal, Revenue recognition: 5 key considerations for implementation, Stacy Dow of RSM US LLP, 09/21/2017

Accounting Today, RSM holds 8th annual Volunteer Day, Sean McCabe, 09/20/2017

Golfweek, Sea Island courses to reopen starting Wednesday, RSM Classic on schedule, Brentley Romine, 09/20/2017

PitchBook, PE grapples with the decline of brick-and-mortar retail, Kevin Dowd, 09/18/2017

Accounting Today, Firms on the move, 09/2017

Equipment Finance Advisor, Positive Growth Outlook for Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, RSM Survey, 09/15/2017

Atlanta Business Chronicle, Businesses face production bottlenecks as tight labor market creates challenge, Joe Brusuelas of RSM US LLP, 09/14/2017

CityBizList, RSM Baltimore Dan Whelan Named National Business and Professional Services Industry Leader, 09/14/2017

CFO, Dealing with a Deficit (of IT Talent), Chris Schmidt, 09/11/2017

Illinois Manufacturer Association, Transfer Pricing is Still a Tax Risk for Multinational Auto Suppliers, Anastasia Lowenthal, 09/11/2017

Boston Business Journal, Revenue recognition: 5 key considerations for implementation, Stacy Dow of RSM US LLP, 09/10/2017

Politico, As Irma barrels into Florida, Washington takes 1-2 punch, Lorraine Woellert, 09/10/2017

Accounting Today, 2017 Top 100 People extra: Their best advice, 09/08/2017

Accounting Today, 2017 Top 100 People extra: Accounting’s biggest issues, 09/08/2017

Accounting Today, 2017 Top 100 People extra: The accountant of tomorrow, 09/08/2017

ABA Banking Journal, Survey: Bankers Anticipate Increases in BSA/AML Spending, Staffing, 09/08/2017

Inside Public Accounting, RSM Names New Industry Leaders, 09/06/2017

CNN Money, NAFTA round 2: No deal yet on divisive issues, Patrick Gillespie, 09/05/2017

Crain’s Chicago Business, 2017 Who’s Who in Chicago Business, 09/03/2017

Associated Press, US Job Growth Slows to 156K; Unemployment Up to 4.4 PCT, Josh Boak, 09/01/2017

Associated Press, US job growth slowed in August but economy still looks good, Josh Boak, 09/01/2017

CNBC, Payrolls increase 156,000 in August as job creation cools, Jeff Cox, 09/01/2017

CNBC, An indicator shows the economy actually may be growing above 4 percent now, Jeff Cox, 09/01/2017

The Capital Spectator, US Payroll Up Less Than Forecast As Annual Trend Steadies, 09/01/2017

Financial Times, Tropical story Harvey set to hit US motorists at the pump, Anjli Raval and Kate Allen, 08/30/2017

Washington Post, U.S. economy grows a 3 percent rate for first time in Trump’s presidency, Heather Long, 08/30/2017

Wall Street Journal, Gauging Hurricane Harvey’s Impact on the U.S. Economy, Ben Eisen, 08/30/2017

Barron’s, Economists: Harvey Won’t Wreck US Economy, 08/30/2017

Wall Street Journal, Harvey’s Widespread Destruction Tests U.S. Shale, Lynn Cook, Bradley Olson and Alison Sider, 08/29/2017

BBC News, ‘Unprecedented’ storm causes billions in damage, Natalie Sherman, 08/28/2017

Seeking Alpha, Will Hurricane Harvey Pinch Upbeat U.S. GDP Forecasts for Q3?, James Picerno, 08/29/2017

E&E News, Texas’ pain expected to ripple across U.S. economy, 08/28/2017

OR Manager, Houston Hospitals hit by flooding from Harvey, Judy Mathias, 08/28/2017


August 2017

Xinhau Net, Spotlight: Chinese supplier CW Bearing opens new manufacturing facility, brings jobs for U.S. rust-belt region, Yang Yi, 08/29/2017

Modern Healthcare, Deadly Harvey causes some Houston hospitals to close, evacuate, 08/27/2017

Jacksonville Business Journal, Women of Influence Awards: Jamie Burgess – Partner, RSM US LLP, 08/25/2017

Value Walk, 2Q 2017 RSM US & PitchBook Spotlight On B2B, 08/25/2017

Privcap, What GPs Should Know About Carried Interest and Wealth Transfer, 08/22/2017

Privcap, The Data-Driven CFO, 08/22/2017

Privcap, A Tale of Two Labor Markets, David Snow, 08/21/2017

Accounting Today, People on the Move, 08/18/2017

Bloomberg BNA, Who’s at Treasury and What Tax Positions Are Still Open, Laura Davison, 08/18/2017

D Healthcare Magazine, Population Health Management: A Technology Perspective, Christina Churchill of RSM US LLP, 08/17/2017

River Cities’ Reader, Quad Cities Chamber Celebrates, Jillian McCleary, 08/17/2017

Quad-City Times, Q-C Chamber celebrates youth, entrepreneurs, Deirdre Cox, 08/16/2017

QC Online, Businesses need to think different, Bough tells Chamber, Jonathan Turner, 08/16/2017

The Middle Market, U.S. middle markets soars, 08/15/2017

Telegraph Herald, Labor and workforce challenges for the middle market, Kerry Azbell of RSM US LLP, 08/10/2017

The Street, Biggest Tax Advisory Firms in the Dark About Trump Reform Plans, Emily Stewart, 08/14/2017

Corridor Business, Corridor Business Journal Announces 2017 Coolest Places to Work, 08/10/2017

Bloomberg BNA, Individual Income Tax Insights: Income Tax Consequences of Nonresident Telecommuting, Jerry Gianakis, 08/08/2017

Boston Business Journal, 5 things to know about GDPR: risks and opportunities, Daimon Geopfert and Alain Marcuse of RSM US LLP, 08/06/2017

MarketWatch, American workers are missing out on a big payday, and here’s the main reason why, Jeffrey Bartash, 08/06/2017

Supply Chain Drive, Logistically Minded: US jobs rise by 200K for second straight month, Edwin Lopez, 08/04/2017

CNN Money, The Treasury Department is staffing up – finally, Donna Borak, 08/04/2017

Accounting Today, Diversity in accounting has a long way to go, Sean McCabe, 08/02/2017

Independent Retailer, Back to School Sales Expected to Pass with Flying Colors, Meaghan Brophy, 08/01/2017

Privcap, The 8 Signs You Really Need IT Due Diligence, 08/01/2017

Construction Executive, Retiring? Consider an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, Anne Bushman and Denise Bendele of RSM US LLP, 07/27/2017


July 2017

Construction Executive, Retiring? Consider an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, Anne Bushman and Denise Bendele of RSM US LLP, 07/27/2017

Mergers & Acquisitions, Video: U.S. Middle Market soars, 07/25/2017

MarketWatch, Trump boom? Not so far. GDP to show U.S. economic recover still historically weak, Jeffry Bartash, 07/24/2017

Boston Business Journal, 5 tips for technology companies when preparing for an IPO, Bob Burke of RSM US LLP, 07/23/2017

AXIOS, Future of Work, Steve LeVine, 07/23/2017

Austin American-Statesman, Tight labor market helps push Austin wages higher – for some, Dan Zehr, 07/21/2017

Club & Resort Business, Report: 46% of Florida Clubs Planning “Significant Projects,” Brandi Shaffer, 07/19/2017

Privcap, Don’t Be a ‘Hacker Snack’: Cybersecurity Done Right, 07/18/2017

Accounting Today, AICPA recommends tax reform as Senate Finance Committee grills Treasury nominee, Michael Cohn, 07/18/2017

FOX Business, Senate Finance Panel Advances Nomination of Kautter for Tax Post, 07/20/2017

Corridor Business, Best Information Technology Support Company: RSM US LLP, 07/17/2017

CNN Money, Can't find good workers? Pay up!, Patrick Gillespie, 07/11/2017

The Hill, Risky businesses: Data analysis can detect dismal corporate cultures, Peter Brady of RSM US LLP, 07/11/2017

Reuters, Senate panel sets hearing for Trump tax nominee, 07/11/2017

Corridor Business, RSM economist upbeat on mid-market, Dave DeWitte, 07/10/2017

Boston Business Journal, 5 IT areas to explore before investing in, acquiring or selling a company, Craig Finley of RSM US LLP, 07/09/2017

Wall Street Journal, Economists React to the June Jobs Report: ‘Doing Well Enough,’ Sarah Chaney, 07/07/2017

CNN Money, U.S. economy gains a strong 222,000 jobs in June, Patrick Gillespie, 07/07/2017

CFO, Jobs Report Tops Analysts’ Estimates, William Sprouse, 07/07/2017

Business Journals, Jobs report expected to show modest gains, which could end up costing employers, Jeff Jeffrey, 07/06/2017

Orlando Business Journal, 2017 Best Places to Work: RSM US LLP, Anjali Fluker, 07/01/2017


June 2017

Privcap, The IRS Is Targeting Partnerships – Is Yours Next?, 06/29/2017

Sourcing Journal, There’s One Way to Beat the BAT That Trump Won’t Like at All, Tara Donaldson, 06/27/2017

Boston Business Journal, 5 considerations for planning an acquisition, Pete Arcoma of RSM US LLP, 06/25/2017

U.S. News & World Report, Subprime Loans Are Haunting Investors and Auto Stocks, Simon Constable, 06/21/2017

Benzinga, Amazon Vs. The Fed: Experts Fear Whole Foods Deal Will Kill Inflation With Economic Ripple Effect, Elizabeth Balboa, 06/21/2017

Boston Business Journal, 5 key issues to watch in business tax reform, Anne Bushman and Lori Anne Johnston of RSM US LLP, 06/11/2017

CNBC, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos may be single-handedly killing inflation, Jeff Cox, 06/19/2017

CBS News, The Fed’s economic forecasts differ wildly from Trump’s, Larry Light, 06/15/2017

Benzinga, Fed Hikes Rates Without Disrupting The Market: ‘Classic Yellen’, Elizabeth Balboa, 06/14/2017

AICPA, AICPA Announces Standing Ovation Honors in Personal Financing Planning, 06/13/2017

Bisnow, Experiential Retail Reinvigorates Malls, Alec Berkman, 06/12/2017

Privcap, “Black Swans” in Energy, 06/09/2017

Independent Retailer, Soaring Optimism for Small and Mid Market Business Owners, Meaghan Brophy, 06/06/2017

FOX Business, US adds 138K jobs in May as jobless rate falls, Victoria Craig, 06/02/2017

Wall Street Journal, Economists React to the May Jobs Report: ‘Isn’t a Disaster,’ Sarah Chaney, 06/02/2017

Benzinga, Why The May Jobs Report Might Not Be As Accurate As You Think, Ezra Schwarzbaum, 06/01/2017


May 2017

AICPA, Create a Culture Committed to Diversity and Inclusion, Richard Caturano of RSM US LLP, 05/31/2017

Bloomberg BNA, How to Stop Taxpayers From Gaming a Lower Passthrough Rate, Laura Davison, 05/31/2017

U.S. News & World Report, Is the Retail Business Facing Apocalypse?, Simon Constable, 05/30/2017, Foreign investors Still Keen on U.S. Real Estate, Allen Kenney, 05/26/2017

Privcap, Jay Jordan: A Tech Future for U.S. Manufacturing, 05/26/2017

Birmingham Business Journal, Insights into Trump’s Tax Plan, 05/25/2017

Bloomberg BNA, IBM, Goodyear, DirecTV Still Owe ‘Retroactive’ State Taxes, Che Odom and Michael Bologna, 05/23/2017

Accounting Today, Scoping out the audit of the future, 05/22/2017

Boston Business Journal, 5 things to consider when selling your company, Christopher Fincke of RSM US LLP, 05/21/2017

Crain’s Cleveland Business, Preservation tax credits energize Cleveland’s aging urban landscape, Stan Bullard, 05/20/2017

Accounting Today, Trump nominates David Kautter of RSM as Assistant Treasury Secretary for Tax Policy, Michael Cohn, 05/15/2017

Benzinga, Outstanding Indiana CPAs and Firm Honored by Indiana CPA Society, 05/15/2017

Bloomberg, How the House could modify border adjustment tax, Laura Davison, 05/12/2017

USA TODAY, Full-time jobs are easier to get, Paul Davidson, 05/11/2017

The White House, President Donald J. Trump Announces Key Additions to his Administration, 05/10/2017

The Hill, Trump names pick for top tax position at Treasury, Naomi Jagoda, 05/10/2017

Washington Examiner, Trump nominates David Kautter for Treasury tax expert, Joseph Lawler, 05/10/2017

Baltimore Business Journal, Understanding 7 key risk areas when optimizing your ERP implementation, Kari Sklenka-Gordon, 05/09/2017

Bloomberg BNA, Revenue Accounting Complexity Draws Clients to Cloud Companies, Denise Lugo, 05/09/2017

Bisnow, 3 Pillars Support Every Successful Digital Transformation, Alec Berkman, 05/08/2017

Privcap, TPG: Investing in the Energy ‘Bottleneck’, 05/08/2017

Publicnow, NetSuite Announces Its 2017 Partners Of The Year, 05/08/2017

Boston Business Journal, Digital transformation: What it means for you and your organization, Diego Rosenfeld of RSM US LLP, 05/07/2017

Boston Business Journal, Digital transformation: What it means for you and your organization, Diego Rosenfeld of RSM US LLP, 05/07/2017

Bloomberg BNA, Florida Lawmaker Pushes Puerto Rico Exemption to Import Tax, Laura Davison, 05/05/2017

PEW Internet, The Future of Jobs and Jobs Training, Lee Rainie and Janna Anderson, 05/03/2017

Privcap, New Paradigm: Oil, Gas and the US Middle Market, 05/03/2017

CPA Practice Advisor, State Governments Tax Sharing Economy Very Differently, 05/03/2017

AICPA, AICPA Honors 2016 Top CPA Exam Performers with Elijah Watt Sells Award, 05/02/2017, Seven Keys for Better IoT Security, 05/02/2017

Bloomberg BNA, Wide Variance In States’ Taxation Of Sharing Economy Uncovered By Bloomberg BNA Survey, 05/01/2017

Institutional Real Estate Inc, A closer look: Real estate private equity fund brace for financial reforms and shifts in regulatory landscape, Beth Mattson-Teig, 05/01/2017


April 2017

AICPA, Finding Success by Prioritizing Diversity & Inclusion, 04/28/2017

Privcap, Powerhouses in PE – The Jordan Company, 04/28/2017

Bloomberg BNA, Survey Identifies Activities That Create Sales Tax Nexus, 04/28/2017

Bloomberg BNA, 2017 Survey of State Tax Departments: States Specify Nexus Policies, Clarify Souricng Issues, Address Other Ambiguities, 04/28/2017

Bloomberg BNA, 2017 Survey of State Tax Departments: States Specify Nexus Policies, Clarify Souricng Issues, Address Other Ambiguities, 04/28/2017

Bloomberg BNA, Trend Towards Market-Based Sourcing Continues, States Provide Industry-Specific Sourcing Rules, 04/28/2017

Bloomberg BNA, States Identify Sourcing Rules, Clarify Application To Various Interstate and Intrastate Transactions, 04/28/2017

CNN Money, Economy is starting slow under Trump, but still in good shape, Patrick Gillespie, 04/27/2017

Middle East Eye, Why it’s hard times for the Middle East’s petro-economies, Simon Constable, 04/27/2017

Construction Executive, A Contractor’s State Tax Planning Checklist, John Cavanaugh, Megan Lee and Danielle Panariello of RSM US LLP, 04/27/2017

4-Traders, RSM US LLP: Names Rob Farling National AML & Regulatory Compliance Leader, 04/27/2017

CBS News, Who are the winners and losers in Trump’s tax plan?, Larry Light, 04/26/2017

Accounting Today, RSM Foundation donates $100K in scholarships for 2017-18, Sean McCabe, 04/25/2017

U.S. News & World Report, The Bulls Are Running Wild on Wall Street, Wayne Duggan, 04/25/2017

Benzinga, Centrist Macron, Right-Wing Populist Le Pen Advance In French Presidential Contest, Dustin Blitchok, 04/24/2017

Benzinga, Trump Administration Expected To Propose 15% Corporate Tax Rate, Dustin Blitchok, 04/25/2017

Forbes, Why The GOPS’s Border Tax May Hurt Imports – And Who Loses If It Does, Robb Mandelbaum, 04/24/2017

ABL Advisor, Dopkins Joins RSM US Alliance, 04/24/2017

Boston Business Journal, Unprecedented period of accounting change – is your organization prepared?, Rick Day of RSM US LLP, 04/23/2017

Privcap, The Risks of a WeWork Tenant, David Snow, 04/21/2017

San Francisco Business Journal, How to modernize your finance organization, Christina Churchill of RSM US LLP, 04/19/2017

Baltimore Business Journal, Low-yield environment spurs Asian investment in U.S. real estate, Michael Schwartz of RSM US LLP, 04/19/2017

Advanced Manufacturing, DMG Mori Previews Its Future Strategy, 04/18/2017

Privcap, When IT Upgrades Go Smoothly (or Don’t), 04/14/2017

Bloomberg BNA, North Dakota Digital Sales Tax Enacted With Postponed Date, Jennifer McLoughlin, 04/12/2017

U.S. News & World Report, 4 Reasons to Be Worried About the Economy, Simon Constable, 04/11/2017

Benzinga, March Jobs Miss ‘More Noise Than Signal,’ Elizabeth Balboa, 04/07/2017

Privcap, Investing in ‘Creative’ Office Space, David Snow, 04/07/2017

Silicon Valley Business Journal, Cloud technology offers advantages to middle-market companies, Lee Voigt of RSM US LLP, 04/05/2017

Baltimore Business Journal, Benchmarking can improve construction company performance, Steve Kirn of RSM US LLP, 04/05/2017, New Commodity ETFs Might Raise The Eyebrows Of Advisors, Michael Thrasher, 04/05/2017

NYSE, MLPS & The New Administration: What’s on the Horizon, 04/04/2017

News Dog, Six ERP Security Risks to Watch, 04/04/2017

Illinois Manufacturers’ Association, America’s Middle Market Posts Record-High Growth, Quarterly Index Shows, Anastasia Lowenthal, 04/03/2017

Boston Business Journal, 5 tips for filing your personal income tax return as we get closer to April 18 (Yes, April 18 this year), Matt Talcoff of RSM US LLP, 04/02/2017

POLITICO, White House throws itself into uncertain tax reform push, Nancy Cook, Shane Goldmacher and Josh Dawsey, 04/02/2017

My San Antonio, RSM Computer Donation Program, 04/2017

Tax Adviser, Ordinary loss deductions under Sec. 165(g)(3) in the S corp. context, T. Christopher D’Avico and Ed Decker, 04/01/2017

Tax Adviser, Proposed ‘hot dog stand’ regulations for spinoffs, Stefan Gottschalk, 04/01/2017

Tax Adviser, New reporting requirements for foreign-owned U.S. disregarded entities, Brian Hayes, 04/01/2017

Tax Adviser, Self-dealing exception solves estate settlement woe, Audrey G. Young, 04/01/2017

Tax Adviser, Tax planning for nonresident entering the U.S. tax system, Rolando Garcia and Angela X. Qian, 04/01/2017

Tax Adviser, Tax reform is likely to curtail some credits and incentives, Talia Schechter and Tom Windram, 04/01/2017

Tax Adviser, IRS issues reasonable internal-use software regulations for the research tax credit, Rory Bertiglia and Tom Windram, 04/01/2017

Tax Adviser, How to fix an incorrect GST exemption allocation, Barbara E. Larson, 04/01/2017

Tax Advisor, Considering cash: Advantages and availability of the cash method of accounting, Lori Anne Johnston, 04/01/2017


March 2017

Forbes, Top Tax Mistakes Law Firm Partners Can Avoid, Travis Russell, 03/31/2017

Journal Record, RSM Roundtable: Why RSM chose OKC, 03/28/2017

Journal Record, RSM Roundtable: Why my job matters, 03/28/2017

Journal Record, RSM Roundtable: Advisory role, 03/28/2017

Journal Record, RSM Roundtable: Auditing, 03/28/2017

Journal Record, RSM Roundtable: Different kinds of clients, 03/28/2017

Journal Record, RSM Roundtable: Dispute resolution, 03/28/2017

Journal Record, RSM Roundtable: Fraud and cybersecurity, 03/28/2017

Journal Record, RSM Roundtable: Giving Back, 03/28/2017

Journal Record, RSM Roundtable: Next Gen, 03/28/2017

Journal Record, RSM Roundtable: Practice Areas, 03/28/2017

CFO, U.S. Concrete CFO Leaves, Auditor Dismissed After Material Weakness Notice, Rheaa Rao, 03/28/2017

CNN Money, Trump Reality Check: Did he create nearly half a million jobs?, 03/26/2017

Privcap, ERP Upgrade Success Stories, David Snow, 03/24/2017

Orlando Business Journal, 5 ways to build a successful digital transformation strategy, Denise Bendele of RSM US LLP, 03/24/2017

Privcap, Reimagining Retail, David Snow, 03/24/2017

Chief Executive, What Could a Border Tax Adjustment Mean for Mid-Market Companies?, Craig Guillot, 03/22/2017

Equipment Finance Advisor, U.S. Middle Market Firms Bullish on Economy and CAPEX, 03/22/2017

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February 2017

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January 2017

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